My name is Elisabeth Kiss and I am a textile designer.

I have a big passion for colors. I always investigate how to use my interest for composition, color and material in different forms of communication and give the story a tactile touch.


You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in doing a collaboration or you need a textile or set-designer.




K-O-N-T-O Studio is a collaboration I am doing with my husband Morten Bencke. At the moment it is here I put most of my energy! So go see and follow!!!

When working in the field of textiles I have noticed a big challenge in how people understand what work, textile designers and textile artist do. Therefore I have started a union working to spread the knowledge about contemporary textiles called KONTEMPO. Everyone can become a member if they have an interest for textiles.

Each year we make an exhibition. This year the exhibition is called 'Is This Knit' and it will be curated by Martin Ulrik Larsen ( PUT PUT ), Isabel Berglund (KNITARTIST, dk) and Li Edelkoort ( TREND UNION ). You can read more about KONTEMPOs work here on our facebook  or Instagram.

I also teach at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole ( artschool ) in silkscreen printing