My name is Elisabeth Kiss and I am a textile designer.

I have a big passion for colors. I always investigate how to use my interest for composition, color and material in different forms of communication and give the story a tactile touch.


You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in doing a collaboration or you need a textile or set-designer.




K-O-N-T-O Studio is a collaboration I am doing with my husband Morten Bencke. At the moment it is here I put most of my energy! So go see and follow!!!

When working in the field of textiles I have noticed a big challenge in how people understand what work, textile designers and textile artist do. Therefore I have started a union working to spread the knowledge about contemporary textiles called KONTEMPO. Everyone can become a member if they have an interest for textiles.

Each year we make an exhibition. Last years exhibition was called 'Is This Knit' and was be curated by Martin Ulrik Larsen ( PUT PUT ) and Isabel Berglund (KNITARTIST) . You can read more about KONTEMPOs work here on our facebook  or Instagram.

I also teach at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole ( artschool ) in silkscreen printing